Sira Camara

Associate, Programs

Sira is a Finance graduate from Sup de Co Dakar Business School of Management, bringing a diverse background encompassing both private and nonprofit sectors. Prior to joining The END Fund, she served as an associate in health financing at the Clinton Health Access Initiative. In this role, she contributed to shaping critical policy discussions concerning the pooling, redistribution, and utilization of financial resources for Universal Health Coverage in Burkina Faso and Senegal.

Sira’s involvement in coordinating Resource Mapping and Expenditure Tracking (RMET) exercises at the Clinton Health Access Initiative has provided her with firsthand insights into the transformative impact of RMET on funding visibility and mobilization, using data to enhance informed decisionmaking and strategic alignment.

Prior to her work in the health sector, Sira gained valuable experience as a credit analyst/commercial assistant, at CBAO Attijari Wafa Bank, a leading bank in Senegal. In this role, she assessed investment needs, conducted financial analyses, prepared credit applications, and managed relationships with a diverse range of companies, both small and large.

Committed to youth empowerment, she is an active member of JEADER, a local association devoted to equipping young people to drive economic development through entrepreneurshipa sustainable solution against poverty. Outside of her work, Sira enjoys engaging in crafts activities, traveling to explore diverse cultures, watching movies.