The Problem

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a group of parasitic and bacterial infectious diseases that affect more than 1.7 billion of the world’s most impoverished people, including more than 1 billion children.

  • Intestinal Worms:

    1.7BRequire Treatment

  • Lymphatic Filariasis:

    893MRequire Treatment

  • River Blindness:

    218MRequire Treatment

  • Schistosomiasis:

    229MRequire Treatment

  • Trachoma:

    178MRequire Treatment

Our Vision

To ensure people at risk of neglected tropical diseases can live healthy and prosperous lives.

Our Impact


92M People Treated in 2020


1.07B Number of Treatments from 2012-2020


$1.36B Value of Treatments from 2012-2020


3.46M Health Workers Trained from 2012-2020


43,419 Surgeries Performed from 2012-2020

The story of the END Fund

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Where We Work

News & Updates

Why British Leadership Remains Critical To Ending Neglected Tropical Diseases


By Ellen Agler, END Fund CEO Since the dawn of medicine, the UK has been a pioneer and world leader in preventative medicines like vaccines, antibiotics and neglected tropical disease (NTD) treatments. It started with Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s introduction to deliberately inoculating people with a mild case of disease in the eighteenth century, and was…

Photo blog: Women protecting their communities from neglected tropical diseases


Women often play a critical and under-reported role in the effort to end neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). This work relies on millions of volunteers who help to distribute medicine during mass drug administrations. The COVID-19 pandemic has only made this job more difficult, but women around the world have stepped up to ensure these programs…

Working to end neglected tropical diseases in our lifetimes


This article originally appeared on Olam’s blog.  1.7 billion people – or 1 in 5 globally – are affected by neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Despite this, they remain a relatively unknown burden that are yet to be effectively tackled. Olam – comprising  Olam Food Ingredients (OFI) and Olam Global Agri (OGA)  – has partnered with…