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The END Fund is dedicated to fighting the five most prevalent neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) which affect over 1.7 billion people globally.

For thousands of years, NTDs have held back human progress. The END Fund’s vision is to accelerate a movement already underway to ensure that families, communities, and economies can thrive in the absence of these ancient diseases.


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How to Make the World a Better Place


….. Indeed, the Kenya studies found that the cheapest way to get a marginal child in the school system isn’t by building schools, but by deworming children.…

Rwanda Registers 30% Reduction in Intestinal Worms


KIGALI, Rwanda – A 30% reduction in the prevalence of intestinal worms in Rwanda in six years has represented a wonderful return on investment and transformed the lives of millions of people, but there is more to do and more resources are needed according to an impact report published by the END fund today.…