Three women filling out paperwork. A donation to help end neglected tropical diseases goes to people like them.

Become an NTD Champion and Help End Neglected Tropical Diseases

The END Fund is mobilizing a network of leaders to help end neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Time and again it’s been proven that one exceptional person with a network can create seismic change.

A picture of Dr. Demélé, an NTD champion.

In 2012, the NTD program in Mali was on the brink of collapse. See how the advocacy of Dr. Dembélé changed everything.

GET INVOLVED – Become An NTD Champion

We invite you to build on your existing goals, networks, and strengths to support this effort and look forward to working together to increase our collective impact!


Play a role in raising awareness of the intersections of women’s health and economic empowerment in Africa. Tell your story and share life-saving messages with your communities and leaders across sectors to help more women out of poverty. Show your support of critical investments, such as water and sanitation, and use your voice to encourage safe hygiene measures and drive innovative solutions.


Engage your networks in actions that will help communities reach the last mile by joining regional, national, and custom events. Help us highlight how women’s economic empowerment, NTDs, WASH, universal health coverage, nutrition, and maternal healthcare are part of the same agenda, and how members of your community can get involved.


Be a connector and facilitate introductions that can help us work better together and increase our collective impact. Join us in advocating for stronger cross-sector collaboration and more resources towards NTD and WASH programs, so that more children can go to school. Help us identify in-kind donations and join our briefings with stakeholders and potential sponsors to spark a policy change.

“In today’s world, we are faced with innumerable complex challenges. It’s so exciting to be part of a movement that is straightforward and low-cost, yet is ending disease, transforming lives, and lifting millions out of poverty.”
Cora Neumann, Founder, Global First Ladies Alliance

Why NTDs?

For Nyirangaruye Gerardine, NTD medication keeps her healthy and focused on her studies. Before, she and her peers would fall asleep in class and sometimes even vomit due to intestinal worms. In her village, school attendance has now increased by 25%.

A young student, Nyirangaruye Gerardine, who with your help to end neglected tropical diseases is more focused on her studies.

Parasites like these are entirely preventable and treatable at a minimal cost. Just $0.50 (USD) funds a rapid-impact package of medication to treat one girl for the five most common NTDs, making it the best buy in public health. For every $0.50 (USD) invested, her community gains $25 (USD) thanks to the opportunities she can pursue.

Eliminating morbidity and mortality from two common NTDs in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe by 2030 could boost these countries’ GDP by $5.1 billion (USD). 

Join our growing network of leaders and champions to help countries make progress so that girls like Nyirangaruye can go to school and meet their full potential.

By The Numbers

A graphic of two adults and a child.


A graphic of Africa.


A graphic of a young child.



You will join champions from First Ladies, to medical and business leaders, to key influencers who have committed to help end neglected tropical diseases and lift women and families out of poverty.

Participation includes:

  • Participation in a network of influential leaders
  • Invitations to high-level events, e.g., the World Economic Africa Forum
  • Playing a visible role in community-focused campaigns
  • Elevating your profile among development champions
  • Honor in being a part of ending preventable diseases

2021-2022 NTD Champions:

  • Ms. Benny Bonsu, Director of Daily Content, Olympic Channel
  • Ms. Gayatri Datar, Co-Founder and CEO, EarthEnable
  • Mr. Nicholas Hitimana, Founder & Managing Director, Ikirezi Natural Products
  • Ms. Isata Kabia, Founding Director, Voice of Women Africa and AFRiLOSOPHY Foundation
  • Ms. Olajobi Makinwa, Chief, Africa, UN Global Compact
  • Ms. Almaz Negash, Founder and Executive Director, Africa Diaspora Network
  • Ms. Aïda N’diaye, Founder, EMPOWER US
  • Hon. Fatoumatta Njai, Member of the National Assembly of the Gambia
  • H.E. Toyin Ojora-Saraki, Founder-President, Well-Being Foundation Africa
  • Ms. Vivian Onano, Social Entrepreneur and Founder/Director, Leading Light Initiative
  • Dr. Adaeze Oreh, Consultant Family Physician and Country Head of Planning, Research and Statistics, Nigeria’s National Blood Transfusion Service
  • Mr. Fred Rugamba, Admin, Logistics & Trade Assistant, Rwanda High Commission
  • Ms. Antoinette Uwimana, Co-founder and Managing Director, Women Enterprise Accelerator
  • Ms. Caren Wakoli, Founder and Executive Director, Emerging Leaders Foundation