Picture of Warren Lancaster

Warren Lancaster

Senior Vice President, Programs

Warren directs the team responsible for sourcing and managing of project investments the END Fund makes on behalf of investors. He has many years of experience in the international development sector, both in humanitarian emergencies and long term development initiatives. Warren was involved in the first proof of concept initiatives in Rwanda and Burundi that led to the foundation of the END Fund and can trace his involvement in NTDs since 2003.

Warren transitioned from the philanthropic advisory company Geneva Global, which was the incubator for the END Fund. While there, he was a senior consultant when the END fund was established in 2012 where he found the potential to enhance the health of children and adults at such a scale utterly compelling. Warren has previously led international non-governmental organizations and, in his commercial career, was a risk management consultant.

Beyond his work with the END Fund he is a keen cyclist and has more recently taken up sailing.