Kevin McRae-McKee

Senior Director, Measurement, Evaluation & Learning

As Senior Director, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL), Kevin is responsible for strengthening MEL systems, designing and implementing surveys, and enabling data-driven decision making across the four investment funds.

Kevin has experience working across a broad range of health projects and has led the MEL component of various large-scale programs. Examples relating to neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) include the provision of technical, end-to-end M&E oversight across the ASCEND and ARISE programs in East Africa and South Asia. His work in digital health specifically has focused on strengthening national data systems and data flows, training and capacity building, the analysis of epidemiological data to optimize treatment strategies, among others, and at its core places large emphasis on the integration of NTD data into national health information systems. His passion for enabling creative, innovative environments encourages continuous development and capacity building both internally and within ministries of health and promotes knowledge sharing within the wider NTD sector.

Prior to joining the END Fund, Kevin worked as the Data Analytics Lead at Oriole Global Health overseeing and contributing to a wide range of data-focused initiatives such as the design and evaluation of NTD surveys/mapping/assessments, the development of both national-level and program-level NTD data systems, and the simulation of NTD transmission to inform optimal treatment strategies and drug requirements, to name a few.

Kevin holds an MSc in Statistics and lives in Halifax, Canada where outside of work he enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.