Christine Yohannes

Senior Writer, Public Affairs

Christine started her journey as the Senior Writer in the Public Affairs Department at the End Fund on the 1st of February 2023. Writing as a second nature, she strives to bring her creative, analytical and storytelling abilities and passion towards the continuous work to end NTD’s.

After a 5 year journalism period in various capacities at the BBC, Christine joins the End Fund bringing with her social media management, podcasting and radio as well as video production skills. Prior to which, Christine has Marketing, PR & Communications as well as Logistics and Operations Management experience with an MA in International Trade.

In addition to her journalism experience that extends for over 10 years with online and print columns she periodically and regularly contributed to, Christine is a poet, a playwright and an upcoming novelist who spends all her waking hours writing for work or writing for pleasure. Christine has represented her country at the Iowa International Writing Program in 2016 and remains to date the only female writer to have attended the IWP’s from Ethiopia.

She wrote, directed and produced her first play at the Kenya National Theater in February 2022 and her second in July of the same year; she now aims to keep writing, directing and producing plays for social impact.

Joining the End Fund, means Christine can keep writing any and all types of content that helps the work that is being carried out towards the elimination of NTD’s from a local perspective all the while maintaining truth, transparency and dignity.